We wouldn’t be at the cutting-edge of online gambling without a talented technology team to implement, develop and maintain our infrastructure.

Through technology projects, we are changing the way we manage the customer-facing end of our business and how we bring our extensive product range to all parts of the Group.

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WHLabs is a dedicated experimental division within William Hill, focused on creating innovations that make our customer experience uniquely compelling.

Launched in early 2015, WHLabs offers access to our suite of APIs, which enable everything from random number generation to allowing bet placement and log-in to a William Hill account. Our aim is to encourage more effective collaboration with the technical community and this open access helps foster new ideas and deliver rapid integrations.

To see some of the innovations that are coming out of WHLabs, visit https://developer.williamhill.com

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WH Labs explained   

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Project Trafalgar – the biggest technology project ever undertaken by William Hill – has been a major step forward on our technology journey. This was a comprehensive overhaul of our entire web architecture; with a new front-end experience (desktop, mobile web and native apps) it gives William Hill complete control over the interfaces our customers’ experience.

Project Trafalgar was in development for over two years. We focused first on building the APIs and service layer that sits between the front-end and back-end, and then on redeveloping the front-end interfaces. It makes us more independent by being less reliant on third-party developers to make front-end changes and, supported by agile development, means we can focus on rapid innovation.

We are able to release technical updates much faster, moving from around ten a year to multiple releases in a single day, which allows us to further enhance our position as the market leader. We’re also unlocking our ability to deliver a single experience across multiple digital platforms, from mobile to desktop to Retail, supporting our omni-channel strategy that aims to bring a more consistent ‘one William Hill’ experience to our customers.

Furthermore, Project Trafalgar allows us to learn more about our customers’ use of our websites, mapping their journeys to help us improve and evolve the products they currently enjoy as well as launch new ones that anticipate what else they want to do. This is a key step in further differentiating the exciting and enjoyable experience at William Hill that customers love and trust.



Building our own pricing and event creation platform has driven rapid growth in Online as we’ve substantially expanded our product range. We’re now building a back-office platform that is making all our products available globally.

There are several benefits to this. First, across the William Hill world we will be able to provide our vast range of markets, with the flexibility needed locally around pricing and trading. Secondly, we gain synergies from having one system that uses local experts and liquidity, helping both cost efficiency and continual pricing of markets. Thirdly, this gives us more flexibility for expansion, particularly in offering alternative routes into new markets as part of our international expansion strategy.