William Hill PLC (“William Hill”) operates in a number of regulated markets and we recognise that regulation brings with it a number of benefits for governments (direct and indirect tax and employment), consumers (protection and competition) and the business (certainty of revenues).

We believe that our approach to compliance in all the regulated jurisdictions in which we operate should be governed by three fundamental principles:

  • Fairness and transparency for our customers (customers should enjoy our gambling products having exercised informed choice)
  • That children and the vulnerable (this definition includes “at risk” and problem gamblers) should be adequately protected from the potential harmful effects of gambling/excessive gambling
  • That all reasonably practical steps should be taken to ensure that we do not accept money [deposits] from customers using the proceeds of crime to facilitate their gambling (This involves taking a risk based approach to customer identification and profiling)

In considering our approach to business in a particular jurisdiction we will not just consider the relevant law or regulations (minimal approach), but also look to apply the fundamental principles stated above.

When designing new business processes or implementing technological changes, how we can assist our customers to gamble responsibly (through customer monitoring or self-help tools) will be something we actively consider and implement as part of the development journey.

Where we consider that industry standards fall short of meeting the fundamental principles in a particular jurisdiction, we will actively campaign for the raising of those standards on an industry wide basis. Where possible, we will also look to lead by example in our application of standards.

Finally, we will ensure that our governance frameworks ensure full PLC Board oversight over the regulatory aspects of our business meaning that the Executives are judged against the fundamental principles and receive the necessary level of challenge on the regulatory compliance aspects of the business.

Philip Bowcock
Interim Chief Executive Officer
July 2016