Entries are now open for the 2017 William Hill Sports Book of the Year.

2017 Application form

If you wish to enter,  please download and complete the
2017 William Hill Sport Book of the Year application form [PDF, 0.35Mb]

William Hill Sports Book of the Year Rules

  1. Any full-length book, the subject of which is predominantly sporting, is eligible. In the event of the winning title having more than one author, the judges reserve the right either to split the prize or award additional prizes as agreed by the panel of judges.
  2. All books nominated must be published in the UK for the first time during the period 17 October 2016 and 13 October 2017. (Publication in another country prior to a UK publishing date will not disqualify a book).
  3. For the purposes of the award, a sporting book is one which the judges agree meets the criteria for consideration for the award. Their decision in this and all other matters pertaining to the award will be binding.
  4. Publishers may enter any number of books, provided they are all scheduled for publication (or have already been published) as per Rule 2. Entry form (plus ten copies of each title entered) must be received by the Organising Committee before close of business on Friday, 25 August 2017.
  5. Provided entries are scheduled for publication before 13 October 2017, the judges will accept proof copies of the book up to 25 August 2017. In exceptional circumstances, provided they are submitted in reasonable time for them to be accorded the necessary consideration, the judges reserve the right to accept additional entries. The judges' decision on this matter will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Following the closing date for nomination, the Organising Committee will circulate a full list of nominations to the judges. The judges will have the right to call in other titles at any time thereafter with due consideration to Rule 5.
  7. The Organising Committee shall nominate a number of titles to be considered in depth by the judges and will ask the respective publishers to supply a further ten copies of those books. The Organising Committee also reserves the right to call for ten copies of any and each book so called for by any one of the judges under Rule 6.
  8. From the judges' deliberations, a longlist of titles from those considered will be announced in September 2017.
  9. The organising committee will contact the publisher in the event of an entry being longlisted.
  10. From the judges' deliberations, a shortlist of around six titles from those considered will be announced in October 2017.
  11. The award winners will be announced in November 2017. The publishers of the shortlisted titles will be called upon by the Organising Committee to supply 20 copies of the shortlisted titles for use at the evening reception which will be held to mark the award ceremony.
  12. By nominating a title or titles for the award, the publisher of the winning Sports Book of the Year 2017 title agrees to meet half the total cost of placing a good-sized advertisement in a mutually agreeable press publication announcing the winner of the award for 2017.
  13. The publisher of the winning title agrees to use the words "William Hill (as a logo) Sports Book of the Year 2017" as a front cover flash for any subsequent reprints of the winning title, hardback or paperback.
  14. The prize will be £29,000 for the author. The winner will also receive a free £2,000 bet, a specially commissioned hand bound copy of the winning title and a day at the races.
  15. All shortlisted authors will receive a leather-bound copy of their book, £3,000 cash and a day at the races.
  16. Each shortlisted author must be available to attend the Prize Ceremony held in November 2017.
  17. Longlisted and shortlisted authors should be prepared to undertake media interviews and, wherever possible, make reference to the Prize on their own websites/blogs.
  18. Any publisher submitting an entry form for the award is automatically bound by these rules.