William Hill partner with Our Club, a social enterprise organisation that provides employability training for young people who have been out of work. The programmes build confidence and provide work experience and interview technique training.

In 2016 we employed 42 young people through this partnership.

Evon Saunthararasa

Aldgate LBO, Cashier


"I have always wanted a challenging customer service job, so after a series of work experience placements at other companies, I decided to sign up for the William Hill Our Club programme.

The programme was great preparation for the interview with William Hill. I’m normally really bad at interviews but the Our Club experience gave me confidence and communication skills that helped me so much in the final interview. I was so quiet at the beginning of the programme but now my team will tell you that I can’t stop talking!

I must say I never thought that I would work in a betting shop and it was a surprise for my family as well- they always thought my brother was the more likely to! But I have no regrets at all about joining William Hill and am really enjoying being a part of a friendly team. I’m now starting to move around different shops, learning new skills and meeting new customers, from whom I’ve had some really positive feedback about my customer service- including that I make a great cup of coffee!"

Harbir Bullar

Fenchurch Street LBO, Cashier

"Our Club is the perfect getaway to your first job"

Jagvir Tivana

Cranbrook LBO, Cashier

"I've improved overall as a person. My Maths skills weren't great and I was nervous about that. Now I can confidently pay out big bets, returns, knowing I won't make a mistake"

Adam Griffin

Kirkdale LBO, Cashier


"The day I finished the Our Club programme, I wanted to go back. Before I went on the programme I was signing on at the job centre and was ready for a new challenge. My time on the programme helped me learn more about myself to help me achieve more in my working life. I also learnt so much from the other candidates on the programme and feel like a much more confident person.

I didn’t know anything about betting before I joined William Hill but I’m really enjoying the experience. There’s so many different aspects to my job to ensure I’m always occupied which definitely suits me! I’ve also always wanted to develop my maths skills so working with odds on a daily basis has certainly helped with that and I also enjoy interacting with new customers.

I’m learning all the time and so just want to keep doing my best and see where that takes me at William Hill."

Jalheel Anetijo

Osidge LBO, Cashier

"It's a great course to build up your skills in work and especially in building my confidence."

Codi Kelly

Penfolds LBO, Cashier

"It's really fun. I thought it would be so boring. But it wasn't. It was actually life changing!"

Sue Summers

Morely Road LBO, Cashier


"I didn’t really know what the Our Club programme was going to involve and was quite apprehensive at first, but looking back it was a genuinely life changing experience for me. Alongside meeting great people who have become really close friends of mine, the programme taught me more about myself and provided me with skills I never thought I’d learn.

My daughter has worked at William Hill for 15 years now and has always been nagging me to join her at the company, so she was delighted when I joined! There’s so much to my job than just processing bets- a personal highlight so far has been using the communication skills I learnt on the Our Club programme to engage with some of our quieter customers so they are now much chattier with me which I really enjoy.

Although I’ve only been doing the job for 6 weeks, I feel really welcome and at home here and I can see myself working for William Hill for a long time."

Ajak Gakmar

Gants Hill LBO, Cashier


"I was working as a receptionist before I decided I wanted to move to a Retail environment and give the William Hill Our Club programme a go. At first I was pretty terrified at what I was getting myself into but I grew into the programme with the help of the people at Our Club who were brilliant. The experience really helped my presentation skills and was a massive confidence boost, which really helped me in the final interview with William Hill.

I knew nothing about William Hill before I joined, and had always thought of it as having a male-dominated atmosphere. I remember telling my mum I was starting at William Hill and she was really surprised! However, my customers have been really welcoming, friendly and needless to say my mum is really happy for me as I’ve settled in so well.

When I’m ready, I’d like to go for a new role with the company, but I am taking it one step at a time."

James Hamilton

Chadwell Heath LBO, Cashier

"I used to run my own business as a mechanic but it unfortunatley burned down. 

I was introduced to Our Club through the job centre.  It's built my confidence, I'm much more laid back and easy going now, and more organised.

After the fire it set me back quite a bit and it took me a while to put myself back out there. Our Club really helped me."

Troy Hamid

Hainult Road LBO, Cashier

"I was unemployed for 7 months before this.  Our Club is about learning new skill sets including communications, boosting confidence, team work - getting you ready for the world.

You can gain a lot from this. There is nothing to lose."