Thousands of betting shop staff and customers are signing up to back their local bookie. This campaign brings together betting shop workers and customers who are speaking up in support of local bookies across the UK.

Visit the website - backyourlocalbookie.orgBetting shops have been part of our communities for 55 years. The industry serves 6 million customers, employ 43,000 people and contribute £1 billion in taxation.

Our staff also play a vital role in helping local charities, and bookies increase footfall on the high street.  Read staff and customers stories, and show your support for your local bookie by signing the petition at

Read the full new release on the Back Your Local Bookie campaign.

Being responsible: Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

  • Gaming Machines were introduced 15 years ago. Since then, levels of problem gambling have remained stable, and fell in Scotland in 2015.
  • FOBTs is the acronym used to describe gaming machines in betting shops, but those machines offer a range of content under different gaming machine categories.
  • Around 30% of gaming machine profits in betting shops is provided by £2 slots stake B3 games (Category B3-max £500 prize) with the remainder provided by Category B2 games (max £100 stake- max £500 prize).
  • When the Commission reports gaming machine profit numbers for betting shops, this figure includes “B3” profits. There is now greater growth in the B3 product.


Being responsible: Industry regulations

  • Set Limits - Introduced the ability to set loss and time limits on gaming machines, as well as being subject to mandatory warnings.
  • Linked card – Players need to register for an account if they wish to stake more than £50 on gaming machines, or they can load the money over the counter.
  • TV Advertising - Introduced a voluntary TV advertising ban on sign-up offers (free bets and free money) before 9pm.
  • Behaviour Analytics - Harness identified markers of harm to develop an algorithmic approach to identify problematic customers who can then be approached.
  • Shop Window Advertising - Withdrawn all advertising of gaming machines from betting shop windows and committed 20% of shop window advertising to responsible gambling messages.
  • Promoting Responsible Gambling - Funded a major new advertising campaign to educate people on responsible gambling – ‘When the fun stops, stop.’ and finally, we carry more prominent responsible gambling messages on all TV advertising. 
  • Responsible Gambling messages - Increased exposure to responsible gambling messaging on gaming machines, through audio transmissions and in shop gantry.



Being responsible: Stakes on gaming machines

  • Stakes and prizes on all gaming machines, in all venues, are set by the Government, not the respective industries.
  • Whilst theoretically, £100 can be staked on a roulette game on a single event, industry data (underpinned by RGT research) shows that the average stake is £5.13 during an average session lasting 11 minutes.
  • DCMS evaluation has shown that the average spin speed is more than 30 seconds – among the slowest in the world on machines.
  • Only 1% of customers stake above £50. Those wishing to stake more can only do so by registered play or loading at the counter, thus providing opportunity for customer interaction and messaging. 
  • Some campaigners claim that customers can lose up to £18,000/hour on gaming machines, however the odds of this happening are the equivalent to winning the national lottery jackpot two weeks in a row on a single ticket.



About William Hill

  • We have an established presence in over 2,300 communities across the UK.
  • Pay the National Living Wage, and have committed to never using zero-hour contracts.
  • Currently operate in approximately 100 countries, however our five core markets are the UK, Australia, Italy, Spain and the US.
  • The UK business equates to 85% of Group net revenue, of which retail is the largest division, generating 56% of revenues and with 86% of staff. Our Online business has been increasing and last year equated to 35% of revenues.